About the author

Editor, journalist and historian, Jonathan Downs is author of  The Industrial Revolution, Britain 1770-1810 (Shire 2010), Discovery at Rosetta (Constable 2008) – the first full account of the British acquisition of the Rosetta Stone in 1801 – and co-author of Sea-Soldier: The Letters and Journals of Maj T. M. Wybourn, RM, 1797-1813 (Parapress, 2000). He was editor of Classic Arms, a specialist collectors’ and military history journal for six years, writes a monthly auction column for Future Press Publications, and has written a number of articles in periodicals including History Today. Currently he lives in Cape Town where he has given lectures on the history and future of the Rosetta Stone at the Egyptian Society of South Africa, the Archaeological Society of the Western Cape, and held seminars at the University of Stellenbosch, and the University of Cape Town. His reports on the Egyptian Revolution and its impact on the future of the repatriation debate can be found in the UK magazine History Today. He can be contacted through Heather Adams of the HMA Literary Agency in London.